by Andrea Talley


On Saturday, March 28, the City of Wilmington’s Adventure Pathways program held the 7th Annual Greenfield Adventure Sprint.  The Adventure Sprint challenges racers to over 22 miles of canoeing or kayaking, mountain biking, and running.  Between each leg, “mystery events” challenge the racers both mentally and physically.

Historically, this race has been offered to two-person teams only.  This year, for the first time, individual men’s and individual women’s divisions were also offered.  Fifty racers total participated in four divisions.  This year’s mystery events involved solving a challenging riddle (and running almost 2 miles to get the clues), a visual puzzle, and building a rubber-band sling-shot to launch Easter eggs into loops.  Mystery events are intended to make the racers slow down and use their mental and fine-motor skills, to mix up the race order, and to add a bit of fun and silliness to the event.  This year’s mystery events did all three, along with frustrating the racers—as usual!

Shawn Spencer, in the individual men’s division, came in first place with a time of 2:18:47.  Don and Lisa Hanna won the coed team division with a time of 2:28:02.  Sean Lucas and Brian Matzke won the men’s team division with a time of 2:31:52, and Diane Hastell won the individual women’s division with a time of 2:48:40.  The rest of the results can be found at

The Greenfield Adventure Sprint was sponsored by Bike Cycles of Mayfaire, Great Outdoor Provision Co., Hook, Line, & Paddle, Cape Fear River Watch, Papa John’s Pizza, and Bagel Basket.  Adventure Pathways thanks all our sponsors for their annual support of this event.