They call you a procrastinator, a dawdler, a devotee of the dilly-dally. Ah, but crafty you, you know what you’re doing. You bypassed Black Friday, eschewed cyber Monday and, most wisely of all, resisted the angsty tug of the last weekend before Christmas, when retail madness is at its peak. You outwitted them all, and now, for two days, the crowds will have subsided and you’ll be able to finally do your holiday gift shopping with ease. Then again, maybe you haven’t done your shopping because you’re flummoxed by what to get the folks on your list. 

Whatever the case, we’re here today with our quick list of great last-minute gifts. And to further streamline the process, all of these gifts can be reserved online (for up to 24 hours) and picked up at your local Great Outdoor Provision Co. Simply click the provided link to make that happen.

Without further adieu …

Men’s Echo Lake Vest


last-minute gifts
Smartwool Men’s Echo Lake Vest

If part of the reason you’ve been waiting to shop is because you simply don’t know what to get the hard-to-buy-for guy on your list, buy him a vest. Everybody loves a vest. It’s the perfect outerwear for when you can’t decide whether you need a coat or not, it’s great indoors when you’re done paying oodles to the power company, and it just looks great. Plus, in the case of the Echo, it’s made with more than 60 percent recycled wool content: wool scraps that are sorted by color, then blended and weaved with other high-performing fibers. Good pocketry as well, with two hip pockets and a chest pocket. $125. Reserve yours here.

Kid’s Park City Over-the Calf sock

Farm to Feet

Remember when socks were the “Oh, brother,” gift from spinster Aunt Sally? “Tube socks,” you’d exclaim. “wow.” Today, socks are the cool gift that you get from your hipster Aunt Juniper. That’s especially true of the Park City, a colorful snow sock with a flash of super hero style. Made of 100 percent American-made merino wool, they’ll keep those toes toasty during the annual cousins’ snowball fight. The only downside? They’re largely hidden under your snow pants — but you’ll know they’re there! $16. Reserve yours here.

Women’s Marvelous Panel Crew

Toad & Co.

last-minute gifts
Toad & Co. Marvelous Panel Crew

Buying clothes for someone, especially someone who’s even remotely style conscious, can be a nightmare. But not when it comes to something as marvy as the Marvelous Panel Crew. It’s subtle beauty comes from the marbling effect of marling two colors of pure merino wool, from the flattering side panels, from the comfy raglan sleeves. Plus, it’s so soft and warm! $139. Reserve yours here.

STADT laptop daypack

Mystery Ranch

last-minute gifts
Mystery Ranch STADT laptop daypack

Hasn’t dad been toting that worn-out faux-leather briefcase to work long enough? I mean, what is he, an accountant from the 1960s? Update his image and give him a “briefcase” that truly performs with the urban-inspired STADT laptop daypack. Two outside pockets, 21 liters of internal storage, a padded laptop sleeve, shoulder straps and a rugged design all add up to a modern business dude on the move. $89. Reserve yours here.

Light-A-Life 350


last-minute gifts
GoalZero Light-A-Life 350

Ah, the gift of light … . Funny how we take light for granted — until we have no light: the power goes out, we want to read in bed in a room with no bedside lights, we need to take a look under the hood in the wee hours on a dark, deserted country road … . Then, THEN we wish we had the Light-A-Life 350, a 350-lumen lantern that burns bright for reading, low for ambience, or hooks together with seven buddies to light up a party. Built-in carabiner and magnets give you options for attaching. $39.50. Reserve yours here.

Superior 3.5 trail runner


last-minute gifts
Altra Superior 3.5 (women’s)

Let’s say there’s someone on your list that you adore, but that you worry about because of their health: If only they were a little more active … . Maybe all they need is the right incentive — a snazzy, comfortable athletic shoe, perhaps. The Altra Superior is a performance-oriented trail runner, but no one says you have to run in them. A lot of people hike in the Superior, a lot even backpack in them, they’re that comfortable and supportive. In short, it’s a shoe that comes without expectations, just good looks and the assurance that if you want to run or hike or backpack in them, they’re there for you. $110. Reserve a women’s pair here, men’s here.

Micro Vario COR-TEC TA


last-minute gifts
Leiki Micro Vario COR-TEC TA

Trekking poles: the most valuable piece of hiking equipment that not nearly enough people use, and frankly, we know not why. For starters, they get your entire body in on the action, working your core and arms as well as your legs. On downhills in particular, they prolong the life of your knees by helping to absorb the shock. On rocky terrain and crossing creeks, they help you maintain balance. Really, there’s no good excuse for not using — nay, for not embracing — poles into your hiking life. Got a hiker on your list who’s pole-less? Knock some sense into them with the Leki Micro Vario COR-TEC TA trekking poles. $139.95. Reserve yours here.