The outdoors can be a transformative space, but so can a gear shop. About four and half years ago I was a little lost. I had left a twelve-year career disillusioned, unhappy, and unsure of what to do next.

I took a part time sales job with Great Outdoor Provision Co. to stay busy, and to feel like I was being a productive member of society. Having been a backpacker since my college days and an insufferable gear-nerd, GOPC quickly became home.

I love exploring the wilderness. I also love to talk about it and to get other people excited about doing it. Now it was my job. This interaction was instantly rewarding and I’ve been hooked ever since.


It didn’t take long to become passionate about my work at GOPC. It also didn’t take long for my shop manager to notice I was having a positive affect on the business. Every step of the way I have been encouraged and empowered by GOPC leadership to grow and stretch myself as a salesperson, and later as a manager. Now I am in that position as the store manager for the new shop in Virginia Beach. I came into this work simply needing a job, what I found was a life-giving career among friends.

In Virginia Beach we’ll be building on the same legacy of outdoor retail that GOPC has cultivated since 1972. A legacy of integrity. A legacy of treating others the way we would want to be treated. A legacy of putting the customer first. In a world of big-box shops and online retailers, GOPC is a breath of fresh air for both customers and staff. We are still a human enterprise where people matter.


Maybe you’ve been looking for a place like this to shop or to simply visit from time to time for some friendly advice regarding your next trip. If you are looking for a helpful, conscientiously engaged store who can outfit you for your adventures, please stop by our shop at 1556 Laskin Rd. #146 Hilltop East, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.

Perhaps you are looking for a place to work that values who you are and wants to see you become your very best. If that is something you would like to be a part of, please submit a resume and cover letter to We are looking for enthusiastic outdoor adventurers who want to help others in those pursuits.

Regardless of which GOPC you wander into, we look forward to helping you pursue what you enjoy.