Great Outdoor Provision Co. & Patagonia presented the Carolina Climbers Coalition with a check for $350.


Robin Hannon, Shop Manager & Karen Staman, CCC volunteer.

About the CCC: “Since 1995, the Carolina Climbers Coalition has grown and expanded. Today the CCC is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. We still hold onto the motto, preserving protecting and expanding you climbing opportunities, but that has taken new meaning. In 2005 Sean Cobourn, then president, and Jon Myers got wind of the opportunity to purchase one of the largest cliffs in the Southeast, Laurel Knob. With overwhelming community and industry support, the CCC made an offer to purchase the cliff.

The purchase of Laurel Knob transformed the the CCC from grassroots organization to landowners, land managers and advocates. This change allows us to be part of a growing movement of organizations that are truly preserving and expanding your climbing opportunities. We continue to work with local, state and federal organizations to help preserve and protect our climbing privileges.”