Great Outdoor Provision Co. and Black Folks Camp Too Partner to Unify the Outdoors in the Southeast.

“Return on Investment = Return on Inclusion”

Raleigh, NC (September 6, 2022) – Great Outdoor Provision Co., a Grassroots Outdoors Alliance member and one of the largest and oldest outdoor retailers in the southeast known for selling top-of-the line quality gear for outdoor enthusiasts, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Black Folks Camp Too.

The partnership is foundationally centered around the Unity Blaze, a symbol created by Black Folks Camp Too that promotes Unity in the outdoor community and beyond. The Unity Blaze is the campfire symbol in the center of BFCT’s logo and it means treat everyone, everywhere, equally. Your race, age or gender does not matter. We all have something to say around the proverbial campfire.

Great Outdoor Provision Co. and Black Folks Camp Too connected to have real conversations on how to authentically cultivate the Outdoor Industry and lifestyle to be more reflective of the greater community, invite and sustain “more” folks to the outdoor lifestyle–and all the while, sincerely acknowledge the laws and generational fears that have shaped where we are today.

“For the past 50 years we have equipped people to explore wild places of boundless diversity. Over those years, we struggled to improve access to outdoor recreation by minority groups. Our desire to serve a diverse customer base was sincere but we lacked an understanding of why recreational equity is difficult to achieve. Our partnership with Black Folks Camp Too helps to identify obstacles for access and supports our mission statement – ‘Equipping ALL for a Life of Adventure.’ With this mindset, I believe our best years are still ahead of us, ” says Chuck Millsaps, President of Great Outdoor Provision Co.

To trailblaze the industry-wide change, Black Folks Camp Too was invited to tour all 9 Great Outdoor Provision Co. locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia for an educational training series that combined Earl B. Hunter Jr’s executive sales experience and expertise, with the lens of culturally conscious marketing.

“We created Black Folks Camp Too not only to inspire more Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone, but to bring awareness to the reasons why MORE Black folks have not participated in the outdoor lifestyle or been a part of the outdoor industry” says Earl B. Hunter Jr, Founder and President of Black Folks Camp Too. “Once all races are around the campfire having conversations, we’ll all find out we have more sames than differences. We are changing the world…one campfire at a time, folks!”

At the conclusion of the training tour, Black Folks Camp Too and Great Outdoor Provision Co. have also partnered with Durham-based Triangle Land Conservancy to host community hikes and “campfire” conversations.

“When people have meaningful outdoor experiences, their quality of life, health and social wellbeing improve, and in turn their communities become stronger and more sustainable. Everyone deserves the opportunity to spend time in nature, regardless of their background,” says Diquan Edmonds, Education and Outreach Manager for Triangle Land Conservancy.

Triangle Land Conservancy is honored to work with Black Folks Camp Too and longtime partner Great Outdoor Provision Co. to help educate the public and connect more people with nature. We hope that you join us in our upcoming You Belong Outside series with a panel at GOPC’s Raleigh store on October 20th, and a gathering at the TLC Brumley Nature Preserve in Chapel Hill on October 22nd.

In 2020, America’s National Parks released data showing that 77% of visitors in National Parks were White, with most recent data showing only 6% of National Park visitors identifying as Black. With 640 million acres of Public Lands available to everyone, that we all pay for with our tax dollars, it is imperative that we welcome ALL to explore, enjoy, and protect our nation’s natural spaces, wonders, landmarks, and extraordinary beauty.

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About Great Outdoor Provision Co:
Great Outdoor Provision Co. started as a 120 square foot store at the back of a bicycle shop in Carrboro, NC. Almost 50 years later, they’ve grown to 9 different stores throughout North Carolina and Virginia. While a lot has changed over the years, one thing remains the same: Great Outdoor Provision Co.’s commitment to the outdoors and providing you with the best gear, no matter what. Each Great Outdoor Provision employee is an expert in their own right. From rock climbing to kayaking – and every adventure in between – they’re passionate about the outdoors and eager to share their expertise. Every product in our stores is thoroughly tested. They won’t sell you something they wouldn’t use themselves. They know and love their products because they’ve lived them. For more information, visit

About Black Folks Camp Too
Black Folks Camp Too’s Founder, Earl B. Hunter Jr., saw a need for invitation and education in the outdoors while working as an executive within the RV industry. Seeing this untapped market, he knew that more folks in the outdoors meant more people and families accessing greater health, improved relationships, and a real love for nature. The mission of BFCT is to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite more Black folks to camp, and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone. BFCT was created not only to inspire more Black folks to get outside, but to bring awareness to the reasons why more Black folks have not been participating in the outdoors, and what the current industry and lifestylers can do to help create more Unity. Learn more at

About Triangle Land Conservancy
Since 1983, Triangle Land Conservancy has worked to save the places you love and the land we need to safeguard clean water, protect natural habitats, support local farms and food, and connect people with nature. Learn more at