Part of what makes the outdoor lifestyle special is time spent with friends who share the passion for adventure. As a locally owned outdoor shop we have the pleasure of spending time with neighbors who enjoy the outdoors and respond by giving back to the community.
This past week was a great example as more than a thousand folks gathered for a variety of events including live music with The Infamous Stringdusters, an AT thru-hiker send off, a 5K run along Raleigh’s Greenway and a fast hiking clinic featuring the Alaska/Yukon range. And not only did we have a blast together, we raised thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations who make a difference in the lives of others. Here’s a few pictures from this past week’s events.
Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to participate. As a token of our thanks please use the link at the bottom of this post and download some free music from The Infamous StringDusters:

Hiking for the Stars- Celebration for AT Thru-Hiker Tommy Freeman

Tommy, his Mom and Cousin Megan

JY Joyner Elementary 5K Run

Andrew Skurka speaks at The Summit School. Photo by Student J. Golden

As a token of our thanks please use this free download link to enjoy music from The Infamous StringDusters-