Columbia - Kid's Steen Mountain SweaterIn the early ’90’s, Columbia Sportswear developed MTR (maximum thermal retention) Fleece to meet the needs of active outdoor enthusiasts. The result was a garment that could be worn like a sweater or light jacket, either by itself or as part of a layering system. The original MTR fleece was hypoallergenic, non-piling, soft next to the skin, quick drying, machine washable, and very warm for its weight and bulk.

Much like the Jeep developed during World War II, and constantly evolved to it present state of performance and comfort, MTR evolved from its inception into a much higher performance fleece today. And, unlike the Jeep, MTR fleece is less expensive today than 17 years ago due to Columbia’s efficiencies in sourcing. Looks great. Feels better. Easy care. Tough. Warm. Ideal garments for life outside.

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