Ogo Sport Copter Dart Game – A simple toss and score game that involves throwing a Foam Dart onto a target. The Foam Dart has fins that fold into the dart when thrown up into the air and when the dart falls, the fins unfold and the dart spirals slowly to the ground. The idea is to make the Foam dart land on the high visibility target, which folds into it’s own pouch for storage. While trying to make the dart land on the target is certainly challenging, just tossing this spinning Foam Dart around was loads of fun!

Ogo Sport Mini Super Sport Disc – One of the most simple yet engaging outdoor toys we’ve seen in a long time. The Mini Sport Disc is a small 12? diameter disc with a tight and stretchy membrane in the center. This membrane is so springy that you can use it to bounce a small object (such as the included rubber ball) up to 150 feet! The basic idea is a game of catch but the possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Both of these games from Ogo Sport are addictive and will also get you some exercise while outdoors.

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