Versatile, durable, and made to fit every adventurer’s needs, the Double Haul™ Convertible Duffel & Tote from NEMO is designed with purpose from start to finish. 

Here are a few reasons the Double Haul™ has become our go-to travel bag.

Multifunctional. This travel bag is offered in 4 sizes (30L, 55L, 70L, and 100L) and is a revolutionary combination of duffel and tote bag features. The huge opening stays wide open while you pack and can neatly compress using exterior side buckles. When the bag is in “tote mode,” there is an added 20-30% storage capacity. 

Sustainable. NEMO is deeply committed to sustainable design, responsible sourcing, and carbon accountability. This bag is made from bluesign® approved materials, adhering to strict safety and environmental standards. 

Durable. NEMO’s priorities of quality, repairability, and recyclability are clear in both the design and functional use of the Double Haul™, which is backed by a lifetime warranty. The outer shell is stain and water resistant, making it a no-brainer pick for all types of travel needs.