By Becky France

Pack light: I want gear that performs well, is durable and whenever possible, dual purpose.
Quick drying long sleeve shirts: offers sun protection, anti-chaff, easy wash and dry, bug protection and warmth for damp nights.

Head lamp: durable, water proof, strong light beam and long battery life. Necessary for caves, camp duties, journal writing at day’s end and for a safe night trip down a dark jungle path to the loo.

Water shoes with toe protection: quick on but a full shoe, quick drying and cushioned sole. Good for kayaking, swimming, camp shoe, short hikes and once back in town, go to dinner.

Pelican Case: My SLR camera in the Pelican Case was the only thing that stayed completely dry the entire trip. I used a waterproof point and shoot on the water, but was so happy to have my SLR on land.

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