On August 12th, 2009 the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Company in Kirkuk City lost 25% its members to a vehicle borne IED (Improvised Explosive Device aka-Roadside bomb).  That was a Wednesday.  WUNC’s NPR News mentioned the casualties as we returned from a trail run at Umstead State Park where the worst injury suffered that day was a twisted ankle.  Difficult to comprehend the courage and devotion of EOD members who perform EOD duties.

We wanted to honor the men and women who serve our country in this manner and afford us the freedom for adventure.  This fall we were given that chance.  An officer from Seymour Johnson told us about the 506 EOD Memorial Run to be held in Iraq.  We were able to provide CoolMax T-Shirts for the runners.  Below is are pictures as well as comments from one of our heros

Here is a picture of some of the guys.  Some of the shirts have been pushed out to the rest of our unit at forward operating bases near here so that’s why we don’t have everyone in the picture.  We here greatly appreciate how thoughtful and how amazing that your company is.  Some people continue to workout in the t shirts.  We thank you for all you do and just wanted to let you know that we raised nearly $2,000 for the mural and the rest of the money is being donated to the Iraqi EOD techs families.  Also attached is a picture of me and another EOD tech running the 5k in the Bomb Suit to commemorate the Fallen EOD warriors.  From all of us here at 506 EOD, Iraq we are wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thank You for your support.