A few more updates just in from Wilmington artist & customer James Davis.

Thursday, August 14, 2008
No rain today!! Good day. We went about 12 miles today. We are still exhausted from the past week; so we are shorten up our miles per day. A radio announcer from Prince Edward Isle in Canada (Mitch Comier) called Serene to tape an interview from the trail. He also interviewed me. That was fun!!

Friday, August 15, 2008
Another sunny day!! We hiked 11.8 miles today. We are still keeping our miles down so we can get healthy. Only 450 miles to Katahdin!!! We must get healthy so we are taking it slow the rest of the month of August. We figured we will be in Maine on September 1. And we have realized we cannot make it to Katahdin by September 14 & 19 for our birthdays. We will probably make it by the last week of September

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Up from the loft of the barn early today. Sure enjoyed the beauty of the end of Vermont. Got to Hanover early afternoon. What a great college town this is. I am definitely coming back here. Got a free piece of pizza at Roma Bitsies and it was really good. Went to the outfitters and got a new pair of boots. A stick went through my boot today and I literally had no shoe left. That pair went over 700 miles. I think the rest of my equipment will last for the remaining 442 miles. There is a hostel here that Serene and I will stay tonight.