Jr. Ranger Program

Under the direction of Tom and Becca Valone, Great Outdoor Provision Co. has provided Friends of State Parks with a significant grant designed to establish the Junior Ranger Program here in our State. You can download the Jr. Ranger Activity Guide here. Because of these funds, North Carolina Parks have been able to reach hundreds of children to encourage environmental awareness. We hope and expect that, as future citizens, these young people will retain their interest in environmental matters and grow up as outdoor enthusiasts.

About the Program

  • The Junior Ranger program was designed to engage young children in experiential learning at our parks.
  • Junior Rangers complete an activity book, attend park ranger programs and complete a stewardship project.
  • Stewardship projects range from doing a beach cleanup to identifying potential safety hazards along a hiking trail.
  • Once these tasks are complete, they recite the Junior Ranger Pledge with a park ranger to earn the park’s unique patch.

The Junior Ranger Pledge

“I, promise to do what I can to protect the air, water and land of North Carolina. I will not litter and will do what I can to keep the park clean. I will not harm or remove any plants or animals in the park. Instead, I will try to learn about them. I will encourage my family and friends to help protect the park and all our natural resources.”

Y Guides Program

Hiking is the activity for the month and is in the area of Forest, Field, and Stream. The YMCA Y Guides and Great Outdoor Provision Co. in Raleigh have partnered together for this Base Patch Activity. You can find great local hikes in your area, so get out and enjoy trails in your neighborhood! To earn your Base Patch:

  • Work together to map, plan, and execute a hike of at least 5 miles
  • Take pictures of the Trailhead, wildlife you see, etc
  • Document time, temperature and weather condition
  • Report this back to the Tribe. (This could also be a Tribe outing!)

Bring your picture/documentation into the Great Outdoor Provision Co. in Raleigh/Cameron Village and you will get a GOPC patch!