P&H Custom Sea Kayaks Scorpio MKII HV CX

With the Scorpio MKII HV in CoreLite X, those needing a larger boat won’t have to put up with something that’s also excessively heavy.

Great for:

Features Specs
  • Designed around open water expeditions but equally suited to day trip exploration
  • CoreLite X construction
  • Swede-form design with widest point behind seat for maximum stability with minimal hindrance to paddle strokes
  • Shallow ‘V’ Hull with rounded chines
  • Maximum waterline for efficient travel over long distances
  • Bungee-retained, ergonomic toggle handles
  • Market-leading KajakSport hatch covers
  • Available with Skeg or Skudder system
  • Versatile, 4-Hatch design
  • Moulded-in fittings
  • Lightweight and highly durable bow and double-stern foam bulkheads
  • Form-fitting, 5-point adjustment
  • Skeg slider positioned on deck to avoid interference with high angle paddle strokes
  • Low profile back deck and cockpit rim for easy rolling and re-entry
  • Split paddle and compass recesses on forward deck
  • High strength, full deck lines and bungees for ample storage and rescue options
  • Length: 17’7”ft/536.45 cm
  • Width: 24 in/60.96 cm
  • Weight: 65 lbs/29.48 kg
  • Capacity: 300 lbs/136.08 kg