Bic Sup 12’6 ACE-TEC Wing

The new 12’6 WING is a Touring SUP designed for fitness paddling, flatwater cruising, open ocean touring and recreational racing. It’s aimed at medium and larger riders looking for a board with excellent glide that is versatile and easy to ride. Ideal for beginners up to 260lbs, with plenty of floatation for larger intermediate riders.

Great for:

  • Protective Outer Shell
  • Molded, watertight EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
  • Non-slip deck pad for traction and comfort under foot
  • Reinforced Standing Area for added durability
  • Fiberglass wrap for durability and improved finish
  • Unidirectional Fiberglass maximizes stiffness when bonded to the outer ASA skin and epoxy resin