Birkenstock Women’s Arizona Suede Leather

The often imitated, never duplicated, category-defining, two-strap wonder from Birkenstock. A comfort legend and a fashion staple. With adjustable straps and a magical cork footbed that conforms to the shape of your foot, a truly custom fit is as effortless as the classic design.

  • Flexible leather lining, which is gentle on the skin, nestles up softly against your foot and adjusts to its contour
  • Open-pored and thus very breathable surface makes for a comfortable foot climate, even during more strenuous physical activity
  • Cork footbed is a sustainable material extracted from the bark layer of the cork oak
  • Cork footbed is insulating and offers very good cushioning
  • EVA outsole is a high-quality, very light, elastic material with extremely good cushioning
  • EVA outsole smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned