The Wagontop 4P’s unique pole structure provides unparalleled livable space and standing room height (6.5 feet) in a design that’s sure to make you smile.

Great for:

  • Camp/Hike
  • Single wall construction makes for quick and easy setup, a homelike feel, and reliable protection from the weather make camping fun and appealing
  • Large screen windows on all sides provide great ventilation, while interior window covers provide privacy and protection from the elements
  • With walk-in entrance and removable vestibule you don’t need to crouch or duck when entering
  • Thoughtful door construction allows multiple entry/exit points, privacy, and airflow
  • Standing height ceilings throughout the entire tent finally puts an end to awkward in-shelter changing and gear preparation
  • The Wagontop™ offers large screen windows on all sides. This creates great ventilation and adds to the home-like aesthetic