Buyback Guaranteed


We expect the product we sell you to satisfy. We guarantee that it will. If you’re not satisfied with a boat or board you purchased from us that was not a special order, we’ll buy it back from you at market value. That means if you bring the boat or board back to us in new condition, you’ll get a full refund. If you bring the boat or board back after some period of use, your refund will be adjusted accordingly.  

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Best Paddlesports Selection

We have one of the most comprehensive selections of Paddlesports gear in the Southeast. [LEARN MORE]

Match Price Competitive Pricing

Looking for the best deal? We will price match identical items at national chain stores with a store in our town. [LEARN MORE]

We Offer Buyback Guarantee

Not satisfied with your purchase? As long as your boat or board is a stock item, we’ll buy it back from you at market value. [LEARN MORE]

Free Orientation with Boat or Board

Where else can you find a dealer that will show you how to properly use and care for your boat or board purchase? [LEARN MORE]

Free On-Water Demo Events

We offer free, informal kayak & canoe demonstrations conveniently located near some of our busiest shops. [LEARN MORE]

Rental Demo: Try Before You Buy

Many of our shops have a fleet of demo boats available for your use. [LEARN ABOUT OUR PERSONALIZED DEMO PROGRAM]

Custom Outfitting & Shop Labor

We offer a comprehensive set of basic services, as well as more elaborate repairs and replacements. [ALL OUR SERVICES]

Warranty Service & Repair

If you have an issue with a boat or board you purchased from us, we’ll work with the manufacturer to resolve the issue [LEARN MORE]

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