Moonlite Reclining Chair




Product Information

Moonlite’s comfort starts with a custom engineered, asymmetrical mesh – cut for a single-panel construction that stretches to accommodate and support a variety of body types. The seat attaches to the frame with a seamlessly molded, ball-and-socket connector that is both supple and rotates with your leg to avoid uncomfortable pressure points. Ultralight and ultra-stable, Moonlite’s premium, forged aluminum hubs and tubular aluminum frame are refined and durable. A mix of circular and oval tubular poles offer just the right blend of rigidity and flexibility you need for rock solid support. Lean forward or kick back and relax with Moonlite’s custom designed reclining system which allows you to quickly adjust between a range of comfortable settings from upright to recline. With all of this comfort packing down into a small carry case, you’ll never want to adventure without Moonlite again. And staying true to our efforts to sustain and protect the places that support our adventures, Moonlite’s asymmetrical mesh, edge binding, webbing, and ball-and-socket connection panels are all made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials.