November 1-4, 2018

Donate a Coat, Get 20% Off a New Coat!

salvationarmyOur Coat Drive will benefit victims of Hurricane Florence in NC and Va. It is made possible by your generous donations and the local Salvation Army branches that serve those affected by poverty and disaster. By working with the Salvation Army, we are confident that hope and life-changing help is provided to homeless and hurting individuals.

Gift of Warmth Coat Drive

Your Donation Serves the Needs of Your Local Community

Salvation Army Carolinas

Salvation Army of Durham
Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte
Salvation Army of Greensboro
Salvation Army of Greenville
Salvation Army of Wake County
Salvation Army of Winston Salem
Salvation Army of Wilmington


Salvation Army Virginia 

Salvation Army of Charlottesville, VA
Salvation Army of Norfolk VA

We have always known that our customers are special! But every time we sponsor the Great Outdoor Coat Drive you come through and we are reminded that together we can make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Through your help we have donated over 14,000 coats to local missions over the past 12 years.

Thanks for making the Coat Drive a success each year!

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