Boat Demos

Informal Kayak Demonstrations.

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What You’ll Learn:

BOAT DEMOS: Pre-Purchase Our Afternoon Boat Demos are at a local lake and are geared towards customers who have already narrowed down their choices after visiting one of our shops and feel that some on-water time prior to purchase is necessary. However, we also welcome folks who are just curious about kayaks & canoes and want to try it out in a low pressure environment.

PADDLESPORTS ORIENTATION: Post-Purchase We will show you the basics of getting safely launched on the water and briefly cover some basic concepts such as proper posture, getting good traction between paddle blade and the water, using torso rotation for proper technique and maintaining good balance.

KAYAK POOL SESSIONS: Your Boat Bring your own (clean) Boat for time to practice skills in warm water with friends. GOPC staff will offer assistance on skills such as rolling but this is not a structured class; it’s better. Registration: Still only $10!


Questions should be sent to the specific event coordinator, who will be listed in the individual event descriptions. Just click on one below to get all of the information.

Boat Demos (at a lake) and Kayak Pool Sessions

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