Here’s a thought: The next time you need a new coat, approach it as you might a new car. Are you going to buy it, or lease it?

Think about it. Get a coat, use it for a year, then trade it in on a new model. If you participate regularly in our annual “Gift of Warmth Annual Coat Drive,” that’s essentially what you’re doing. You get a coat, you use it for a year, you bring it back and get 20 percent off a new coat.

Best of all, that coat you “leased” last year? Bring it back in and get 20 percent off your new coat — your lease coat for 2020. Your old coat goes to the Salvation Army, which in turn gives it to someone affected by poverty or who has been affected by natural disaster — someone who will greatly appreciate and use your pre-owned jacket. Our “Gift of Warmth Annual Coat Drive” is a win-win, and it will be going on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday — November 1 – 3 — in our nine stores in North Carolina and Virginia.

Rain jacket Quandary

Patagonia Quandary jacket

To make our point, let’s say that last year you got a new jacket, a classic rain jacket with three layers. A little crinkly as rain jackets tend to be, but effective at keeping the rain out, and wind, too. Great coat, nothing to complain about.

Then you saw the Patagonia Quandary in our stores earlier this fall. It marks the return of the two-layer rain jacket with a more comfortable inner mesh layer and a surprisingly supple outer layer: you might even describe it as soft. It’s not like any rain jacket you’ve seen: Is it really waterproof? you wonder. If only I hadn’t just bought a new rain jacket last year.

Well, you didn’t buy it, remember? You leased it. And now’s the time to trade it in for the Patagonia Quandary, under our “Gift of Warmth Annual Coat Drive” lease program.

Learn more about the women’s Patagonia Quandary and reserve yours here, the men’s here.

Spark joy with the Spyfire

Face it, sometimes you just see a piece of clothing and think, “I need that!” It’s got great specs — it’s certainly functional — but, man, it just looks great! Especially when you try it on and check yourself out in the mirror. Yep, definitely need that!

Well, maybe “need” is a bit strong. But you certainly want it.

Just such a coat is the Kuhl Spyfire Hoodie Jacket. The Spyfire has all the technical cred you need — it’s insulated with goose down (800-fill), it’s got a sturdy nylon shell with spandex thrown in for stretch, and its large baffles in the front and smaller ones along the sides make it look more like body armor. Like you’re a superhero!

Assuage the Marie Kondo voice in the back of your head telling you to declutter your gear closet by telling yourself how much joy the Spyfire will spark when you put it on. 

Make yourself feel even better by trading in two of your existing “leased” jackets for the Spyfire.

Learn more about the women’s Spyfire and reserve yours here, the men’s here.

Thermoball three-in-one trade-in

coat driveLet’s stick with that Marie Kondo thing. Yeah, your gear closet is ridiculous: it definitely needs some thinning. And the incentive of being able to provide someone with a warm winter coat has pretty much sealed the deal. It’s just that you pride yourself in having the right gear for the right occasion. What if it’s fairly warm, but wet? Not so warm and wet? Sunny and cool? Sunny and cold? There’s a certain pride of preparedness you take from being perfectly equipped. So how do you know which coats to part with?

How about all of them? Which you can do, provided you replace them with the three-in-one The North Face Thermoball Triclimate Jacket. It’s a waterproof rain jacket for warmer weather! It’s an insulated (with PrimaLoft®) inner jacket for those cold dry winter days! Combined, it’s a waterproof jacket for those cold days when there’s a chance of rain or snow.

Prepared? You bet! And, you’ve now got extra space in your gear closet.

Learn more about the women’s Thermoball Triclimate Jacket and reserve yours here, the men’s here.

Solve your fleece conundrum

coat drive

Here’s what we love about fleece: it’s virtually indestructible. We still have a fleece pullover we wore with parachute pants that remains in our rotation (the fleece, not the parachute pants). And that’s also the problem with fleece: it just doesn’t give up. A color that worked well in the days of parachute pants may not work so well with your khaki convertibles. Maybe it’s time to let that fleece work its warming magic on someone else. Maybe it’s time to change your fleece look.

To, say the Patagonia Women’s Diamond Capra Fleece Jacket. For starters, its textured, diamond-shaped cable-pattern surface doesn’t look like fleece. It looks … spiffy! Yet it retains the trademark warmth of traditional fleece, from the deep, hand-warming pockets to the zip-up collar. Plus, it’s Fair Trade Certified sewn. A lease deal you can easily live with for a hear to so.

Learn more about the Patagonia Women’s Diamond Capra Fleece Jacket here. 

* * *

Coat lease options

Wondering if we have a coat you’re especially interested in leasing until next year’s coat drive? Here’s a list.