Come Chill (and save!) with us this post-Thanksgiving Friday

This Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, will you go dark or will you go Chill?

Dark, as in camping outside a big box store in the middle of the night in hopes of scoring a big screen TV at half price (supplies are limited, certain restrictions apply, not available in all stores or in states that end in “a” … )?

Chill, on the other hand, as in coming to a friendly outdoor retailer that you know and love (that would be us) at a respectable time and helping your community while also whittling down your holiday shopping list? 

Let’s start with the “helping your community part.” From our store opening time of 9 a.m. — not 4 a.m. — until noon, 50 percent of all profits will go to our local land trust and river keeper partners. That’s a great way to get into the spirit of sharing, and of helping to preserve — and expand — some of the places we most love to explore. 

As for whittling down your holiday shopping list, we’ve got a great sale going on Friday through Monday (Dec. 2) with something bound to please the explorer on your list. Some thoughts.

The Aspiring Paddler

Know someone who loves to paddle, but doesn’t own a boat? Someone who won’t think twice about plunking down $45 for a half day rental six times a year, but somehow can’t bring himself or herself to invest in their own boat (that they could paddle whenever, whereever)? Then do them a big holiday favor and get them started with a kayak from Perception.

We have both the Sound 9.5 and the Rambler 9.5 on sale, both for $299.99. The Sound 9.5, which retails for $429, is a sit-in kayak making it good for both warm- and cool-weather paddling. It’s short (9 1/2 feet long) and lightweight at 38 pounds. It’s got a between-the-legs water-bottle holder, bungeed storage forward and aft, and a comfy, adjustable seat. This is a boat an aspiring paddler won’t outgrow anytime soon.

The Rambler 9.5 (normally $369) is a sit-on-top, making it more of a warm-weather boat. It’s also 9 1/2 feet, and weighs 47 pounds. It’s especially good for paddling lakes and slow-moving lakes and streams, and is hard to beat on a hot day when it will behoove you to get a little wet. It’s got a water-bottle holder in the front and a bungeed cargo hold behind the seat that’s great for stashing a small cooler.

The Cold-Weather Camper

The North Face Furnace 0-degree bag

There’s a certain allure to winter camping: the starkness of the natural world, the quiet, the cold. Actually, the latter isn’t so much of an allure for potential winter campers as it is a deal-breaker. The one thing cold-weather campers fear most: a long, cold night in the tent.

That won’t happen with a Furnace bag from The North Face. 

There are three Furnaces, rated to 35, 20 and 0 degrees. The 20-degree Furnace, on sale for $90 (down from $179-$189) should handle most winter camping needs. But should you find yourself either, a) eager to test the temperature limits of a Southeast excursion, or b) unwilling to hedge your bets on a 20-something-degree night, then you’ll be especially pleased to hear that the 0-degree Furnace is just $125 (down from $239-$259). It’s packed with quick-drying, water-resistant ProDown, has an anti-compression layer on the back, a vaulted footbox to keep cold-sensitive feet warm and a hood and draft collar. Spending a 12-hour winter night in this bag will be a joy.

The Traveler

Got an avid traveler on your list, the kind who likes to get around on foot and by train, who prefers a hostel to a hotel? We’ve got a wide range of Osprey and Mystery Ranch duffels and wheeled packs on sale that can cover a variety of travel needs. Take the Osprey Transporter 65 ($95, down from $140), for instance. We couldn’t put it better than Osprey itself: “These packs are at home in the beds of dusty and dented pickup trucks, tied to yaks on faint footpaths, under your bed or in your garage and everywhere in between.” With 65 liters of storage and a smart packing plan-of-attack, this duffel could keep your favorite traveler on then road for a good while.

We’ve got options for a range of other types of travelers as well.

The Coolest Thing they Didn’t Know they Wanted

CRKT Pack Axe

An axe. Yup, an axe. And our Columbia River axes are works of art, designed by the people who use them (and veterans to boot). The CRKT Pack Axe, for instance, designed by Vietnam vet Elmer Roush, who lives in Brasstown, N.C., with a Tennessee hickory handle and hot forged 1060 high carbon steel. It normally sells for $89.99, it’s on sale Friday through Monday at 20 percent off, as are all the CRKT axes and knives.

What else? You can check out all of our sale items here.