Chill Friday: Get a deal on a gift of adventure

gift guideAs we mentioned a day or two back, we’re sponsoring six hikes through our GetHiking! affiliate on the day after Thanksgiving, a day we like to call Chill Friday. You can find out more about those hikes here.

But we’re embracing the giving spirit of the season as well on Friday. For one, half of the profits on all sales between 9 a.m. and noon will go to public lands, the places where we love to explore. For another, we’ve got some really great gear on sale this weekend. If you’ve got an adventurous soul on your list — or even if you just feel like giving yourself a little something — check out these deals. (Deals are good through the Thanksgiving weekend, unless otherwise indicated.)

Nemo Galaxi 2P tent, $149 (down from $199). You can buy a budget two-person tent for $149, but rarely a tent with Nemo’s pedigree. This sturdy 3-season tent weighs in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces (including footprint and rainfly), has two vestibules (separate entrances for two parties, one entrance and mud room for one), sets up speedy quick and its design offers added headroom. Most beginning backpackers can’t afford to start with Nemo-level quality; this weekend they can. More info here.

Nemo Tensor, Cosmo and Astro sleeping pads, 30 percent off. Again, for folks first getting into backpacking, they tend to scrimp on things such as sleeping pads. “This strip of foam outta do,” they say. Then they spend a night sleeping on said strip of lifeless foam. Makes spending $100 or more for a cush inflatable pad more palatable. Now imagine paying less than $100 for, say, the highly popular Cosmo 25L, which offers a whopping 3.5 inches of loft: get this puppy properly inflated and it’s like sleeping on your $700 mattress at home (even better, because you’re in a tent!). More info here.

Leki Legacy, MicroVario and Journey trekking poles, $75/$105/$60. We encourage — nay, beg — our GetBackpacking! backpackers to embrace trekking poles. They save your knees, they aid your balance, they add life to your legs on a long day on the trail. Still, they balk over the price: “A hundred bucks for a pair of metal poles?” Metal (usually lightweight aluminum) poles that have molded grips, that adjust to your height, that have grippy tips and that save your knees and aid your balance and give your legs an extra mile or two. And this weekend for considerably less than $100: $60 ($79.95) for the Journey poles, $75 (99.95) for the Legacy, and if you’re into ultralight, just $105 ($139.95) for the carbon Micro Vario. Get your knees a pair for Christmas; they deserve it, don’t they? Learn more here.

Perception Sound 9.5 kayak, $299 ($429). You might be surprised how many of our GetHiking! hikers express interest in paddling. Trouble is, for what they’re willing to spend, they’ll wind up with a simple, stable boat that will keep them happy for maybe a trip and a half before being relegated to the rafters in the garage. Not the Perception Sound 9.5. This sit-in boat has classic kayak lines that make it responsive and zippy, an adjustable seat, and lots of storage. And, its length makes it easy for one person to get on and off a car rack. If the above scenario sounds familiar, you need to check out this boat. Learn more here.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards, 25 percent off any in-stock boards, except the Hobie Eclipse. Likewise, if cost has been keeping your from becoming a SUPer, now’s the time to act. Learn more here.

Socks, socks, socks, buy 2, get 1 free. A snug, comfy pair of socks … sorry, just thinking about snug, comfy socks causes us to lose our train of thought. Suffice it to say that good socks are the foundation for a good adventure. And you can never have too many. This offer applies to all socks. (And if you need something to put those socks in, all Merrel hiking boots and shoes, and all Astral footwear is 25 percent off). Learn more here.