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Nemo Tuo Standard Sleeping Pad

The Tuo™ series of inflatable backcountry accessories brings a new level of comfort to the sleeping pad. Literally. The Tuo™ sleeping pads have a thin film inside that divides the pad into two separate airtight levels, each with their own valve.



  • Minimum Weight: 2.4lbs
  • 72″ x 20″ x 1.6″
  • Packed Size: 9.5″ x 6″ dia
  • Sleeping Pad Top Fabric: 75 D Polyester
  • Sleeping Pad Bottom Fabric: 75 D Polyester
  • All models include a stuff sack and repair kit.
  • Come by your local shop to see the full selection of products available


We also sell the Tuo Standard paired with a Zor Pillowtop! When comfort is a priority, slide your pad into the Pillowtop™, a removable layer of comfort foam nested in a washable soft cover, for the next best thing to a five star hotel bed. The thin foam sheet (0.6”) and soft jersey cover add extra insulation for minimal weight and packed size.