Great Outdoor Provision Co.

MST Endurance Run

Great Outdoor Provision Co. and The North Face are proud to support the work of FMST, the vibrant non-profit that builds, prtects and promotes North Carolina’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

We present the Mountains-to-Sea Trail Endurance Run, an expedition in which global endurance athlete Diane Van Deren will hit the trail in May (2012) to attempt the time record for running the MST. We invite you to explore the adventure here, at, and discover what’s so amazing about North Carolina’s State Trail, as well as ultra-runner, Van Deren.

Featured Athlete: Diane Van Deren
To set the time record and complete the expedition Van Deren will need to complete the nearly 1,000 miles of rugged trail in less than 24 days, averaging more than 38 miles per day. Learn more about just how amazing this run will be as you discover who Diane Van Deren is and what the MST holds for all those who explore the trail.