Supporting Local Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts Councils

For over 40 years the passion for outdoor adventure has driven our business. Scouting’s contribution goes back even farther. As an Eagle Scout and the father of two boys who have been positively influenced by Scouting, Tom Valone established Scout Week to celebrate Scouts and their role in our communities.


Dear Friends of Scouting,

You and I may never have met, but we have significant things in common; a love of Scouting and an appreciation for the great outdoors. Ever since I opened my first store 40 years ago, Scouts and Scout leaders have been among my best customersAs an Eagle Scout and the father of two boys who have been positively touched through scouting, that makes me proud. In return, we’ve long offered discounts to troop leaders and have our Annual Scout Benefit Sale, which raises funds for Boy and Girl Scout Councils in North Carolina.We’ve taken our free, MULEteam preferred-customer program and added special benefits not only for troops, but for individual scouts and their parents. This should help make Scouting experiences more affordable for families. Here’s how it works:


As always, we welcome your comments or suggestions on how to improve the way we serve you. Thank you for helping to make the Great Outdoor Provision Co. the go-to place for outdoor scouting activities.


Tom Valone
Great Outdoor Provision Co.