Cotton of the Carolinas Ts at GOPC

Explore Global. Shop Local. Our new logo shirts from Cotton of the Carolinas fit this slogan to a “T”. They are grown, made and sold right here in North Carolina. The Harvest ’08 shirt supports our local economy, has a tiny transportation footprint, and provides tracking to review the shirt’s life from dirt to shirt.

A globally-sourced t-shirt can travel more than 16,000 miles before being sold. CotC shirts require a mere 3 hour car ride to meet the entire production team. Great Outdoor Provision Co. is proud to be the first retailer to offer CotC shirts for purchase. Stop by the shop and support your local farmer, ginner, spinner, knitter, finisher, cutter, sewer, printer and dyer. After all, they’re neighbors.

Chuck Millsaps
Minister of Culture

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  1. Lisa Jeffries Says:

    I met them at the Got to be NC festival and am SO excited to present their mission and business to some of my clients who might be able to use their services and merchandise. They are light-years ahead of the industry and I am so proud to have them here in NC!

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