Brooks Cascadia 5: Interview with Scott Jurek, Ultra Runner

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The Cascadia 5 for Men and Women is now officially available. Special thanks to Brooks-sponsored ultra runner  Scott Jurek for his insight into the design process and insider’s view on this award-winning trail shoe’s updates.

What is your role in the design process at Brooks?
I work closely with the Brooks footwear design team on all steps of the design process from planning, reviewing sketches and early shoe samples, wear testing, and relaying feedback from the field (i.e. retailers and customers). The footwear team is very interested in new ideas and receptive in designing shoes that provide optimum function and performance. I feel fortunate to be a part of this team process

How is designing a trail shoe different from designing a road shoe?

In designing a trail shoe it is important to take into account all the surfaces and environments that a trail user encounters. In addition, the biomechanics that the foot and ankle encounter running on these surfaces is critical so that the trail shoe provides normal movement and function while assuring stability and performance in a varied trail environment.

Trails offer more obstacles and uneven surfaces than roads. How does the Cascadia 5 help keep a runner stable while staying flexible and light?
The low profile design of the midsole and outsole, base of support through footprint surface area, and the independently stabilizing Pivot Posts in the Cascadia 5 create a very stable trail shoe. The spacing in the one-piece outsole lug design, minimized outsole thickness, flexible Ballistic Rock Shield, and light BioMoGo midsole all contribute to a flexible and light ride.

Cascadia Women’s
W’s Cascadia 5 – $100

What updates do you think people will notice the most in the Cascadia 5?

Cascadia 5 users can expect the same ride and feel in previous versions of the Cascadia, as we kept the same award winning midsole and outsole. The Cascadia 5 update story is in the upper where we improved the midfoot wrap to create a better connection between the foot and the midsole-outsole complex. This will make for greater stability and a feeling that the shoe is a part of the foot. Cascadia 5 users will notice greater stability where it matters most: downhills and technical trail sections.

Are there any features people won’t notice at first but you’d like to call out?

A lot of runners ask about waterproof uppers, and an often missed feature of the Cascadia 5 is its ability to drain water and dry quickly. Because trail users often encounter above-ankle deep water (creek crossings) or water enters above the collar (because of puddles), waterproof shoes are not a solution to the problem. It is inevitable that trail shoes will get water inside them.  And if you are in a hot dry environment, moisture from sweat and heat retention are the issues. It’s not a matter IF the feet will get wet, it’s WHEN. We designed the Cascadia 5 upper with hydrophobic microfibers and meshes that allow optimal water escape, maximum breathability, and quick dry time.

Most importantly, the Cascadia 5 is not only performance driven, it is making strides towards being “lighter” on the earth. The HPR green rubber outsole and BioMoGo midsole are key components that are “lighter” on the earth during production and post consumer. I feel it is important that our gear we use to enjoy the trail is produced with the least impact so we and our future generations can enjoy it as much as we do. I am excited that Brooks is taking strides towards this goal.

What makes you Run Happy, Scott?

Running a ribbon of single track trail on a ridgeline as the sun is rising or setting…Happy Trails!

Cascadia Men’s
M’s Cascadia 5 – $100

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